Valentine’s Day in a Word Nerd’s House

Last Sunday was Valentine’s Day, a day traditionally celebrated with chocolates, flowers, and jewellery – unless you happen to be a couple of word nerds and language lovers.

This is what Himself and I got each other this year…


From Himself to me: That’s the first season of a Danish/German/Belgian crime drama called Mord Uden Grænser (English title: The Team. Actual English translation of title: Murder without Limits/Borders). It stars one of our favourite Danish actors (Lars Mikkelsen – The Killing, Borgen) and one our favourite Belgian actors (Veerle Baetens, Cordon, Loft) – because who doesn’t have favourite Danish and Belgian actors?

From me to Himself: A copy of Pop Sonnets – classic pop lyrics turned into sonnets that Shakespeare himself would find entertaining. The sonnet version of I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor was bouncing round Twitter the week before Valentines day, and we were both rather taken with it.

So I tracked down its source and discovered that there was a whole book of such delights – Valentine’s Day sorted.