(Lorem) Ipsumystery

I’ve been sorting out a lot of the videos on the Ignite Liverpool website over the past week, and was reminded of a talk I gave back in 2013 about Lorem Ipsum.

Here it is…

You’ll see I manage to track down the origins of Lorem Ipsum to somewhere between 1914 (when ‘Proto Ipsum’ appeared in an edition of De finibus bonorum et malorum by Cicero) and 1966 (which is the earliest evidence I could find of Lorem Ipsum as we know it today). But what happened in those intervening 52 years is still a mystery, and it’s an itch I need to scratch.  So consider me back on the hunt for the decidedly modern origins of this oddly familiar text.

And in the meantime – here’s some Toyah. Have a good weekend everyone.

Ignite Liverpool at TED 2016

The Ignite Liverpool team haven’t yet reached the status where we’re being invited to talk at TED, nor do we get quite enough sponsorship to attend in person – but we are going to be at the screening of TED 16: Dream at FACT tomorrow night.

TED-2016-Dream I’m not just telling you this to give you an update about my social life. We’re actually going to be there to talk to people about public speaking – at Ignite, or elsewhere. I’ll be at FACT from about 6:15, and will be hanging around after the screening. So if you’ve ever wanted to talk at Ignite Liverpool, or just have questions about what it takes to get up in front of a room without breaking out into a cold sweat, come and say hi.

Of course, if you already know that you want to talk at the next Ignite, on May 4th, you can submit a talk on the Ignite site. We’re always looking for speakers, and we love getting submissions from first time presenters.


I know, I know, I’m starting my blog about writing with a post about public speaking. But as I said, it’s my blog, so I get to decide what to stick in it.