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‘Twas the night before New Year’s and all round the flat,
she looked at her website and felt like a twat.
She hadn’t updated for twelve months (or nearly),
a thing she regretted, a lot, most sincerely.

She thought of thing things that had happened since then,
and of all the people she liked so much, when
a realisation her conscience detected,
that this was not the only thing she neglected.

Ok, I’m going to quit it with the doggerel while I still have my sanity and just say this.

This has been a heck of a year, a HECK of a year. And I’ve let a lot of things slide, particularly over the last few months. So, while I’ll probably put up some long post about the 50 bazillion things I plan to do in 2019, my main resolution is to try to be better at keeping in touch with the people I like (and who I hope still like me).

So if you’re someone who considers me a friend, and who wondered if I had actually dropped off the planet – Hi! I’m still here. I hope you’ve had a great Christmas, and have wonderful plans for the year ahead. I look forward to catching up with you soon and hearing all about them.

Feel free to add a comment below to tell me what a bad and neglectful friend I am – I deserve it after all 🙂

Oh also, it’s been A HECK OF A YEAR. I’ll try to put something about that on the blog over the next couple of weeks.