Whoo-hoo less than 5 months between posts

With this kind of momentum I’ll be posting twice daily within the next decade.

So, what’s been happening over the past few months (or I guess 14 months since my last substantial post)? Well, lots of the same, and a sprinkling of completely different.

First things first. Feel free to chide me for not getting magikbeans up and running yet.

In my defence, I did go and get myself a j.o.b. which has been taking up a good chunk of my time and brainspace. But things are settling down a bit over there, which means I’ve got a bit of room to work with some external clients. Watch this space (or rather that space) for news on that front.

Other than that? Well politics has been… interesting. The suggestion that one should “live in interesting times” may not actually be an ancient Chinese curse, but we could probably have benefited from things being a little less interesting for the past couple of years. 2016 might have been one of the most miserable years on record, but 2017 is turning out to be straight up barking.

One thing in 2017 I certainly haven’t come to terms with yet is that apparently I’m turning 40 this year. Not sure how that one happened. But unless I’m an actual time-lord (yay – congrats Jodie Whittaker) then I have been reliably informed that I have been cluttering up the place for 4 whole decades.

I guess if I ever want to make it onto a “40 under 40” list of bright young things, I’ll have to get my skates on.

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